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Hyperrealism Excels in Popularity as "Realistic" Investment
Business Wire China | 03 May 2012 5:53pm

Fooling eyes everywhere in 2012


London--(Business Wire)--Paul Cadden, Simon Hennessey, Pedro Campos, David Finnigan, Tom Martin... the list goes on. Who are they and what do they all have in common? Two things; they are hyperrealist artists, and they are all represented by Plus One Gallery in London, UK.

Maggie Bollaert, Director of Plus One Gallery and editor of the Thames & Hudson book Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today comments on the surge of interest for hyperrealism seen in recent weeks "...spring has been very busy for our gallery, news channels from all over the world including ABC News America, GLOBO Brazil, SVT Sweden, BBC World Service and many more have flocked to film and write about hyperrealism and our artists, and of course the quickest to take note are the collectors. The genre of hyperrealism is picking up speed like nothing the art world has ever seen before and I have to say that the time for art investment has never been better, we are clearly seeing hyperrealism at the forefront of that."              


NATURE'S GREATEST, May 16th - June 9th, 2012

Plus One Gallery presents the two foremost hyperrealist water colourists in the world, James Van Patten and Adrian Smart, in this spring's show; Nature's Greatest!

Though spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching you won't need to head outside for an oasis of flora and fauna. Instead, head over to Plus One Gallery to marvel in the hyperrealist display of colourful birds and sunshine cascading through the shadows of trees and shrubbery, and light reflected in dark pools of water in the paintings by Adrian Smart and James Van Patten respectively.

Hyperrealism, with all its magnified detail and the artist's skillful choice of focus is the perfect tool to see uniquely every nuance of nature otherwise lost from a simple casual glance.

Indeed the paintings in Nature's Greatest reminds us what hyperrealism can do which the impressionists wanted to but could never quite achieve; perfectly seize a moment and fix it forever.


For further information or to join Plus One Gallery's mailing list please contact the gallery by email:


Exhibition's Galore; see more at Plus One Gallery in 2012!


London's Calling | July 4th- July 28th

A hyperrealist group show with London as its theme to open the Olympic art summer.


Ben Schonzeit | September 12th- October 6th

A much anticipated solo show featuring photorealist Schonzeit's beautiful flower paintings, instant modern classics!


Diederick Kraaijeveld | October 17th- November 10th

See wood sculptor Kraaijeveld's latest solo show of playful pieces depicting famous objects.


Last Exit - Andrew Holmes | December 5th, 2012- January 5th, 2013

The final solo show of 2012 featuring the highest caliber of hyperrealist pencil drawings by Andrew Holmes, expect high-shine colourful motor vehicles in fascinating detail.



Hyperrealism is a genre within fine art painting, drawing and sculpture. Typically hyperrealist artists use photos as their reference material and in the resulting artwork no attempt is made to hide the relationship between the painting and the photo including photographic artifacts such as blurred background, lens distortions, lens flare, etc. To reproduce the attributes of the photograph requires patience and extraordinary skill, and these artists display great technical virtuosity; each work is a celebration of technical prowess. Unlike the Photorealist movement which preceded it, where the photograph was to be rendered as faithfully as possible, Hyperrealism attempts a realism beyond that of the source: more vivid, more emotive, sharper, brighter. Hyperrealism is selective in regards to the characteristics of the source photograph and responsive, more personal and more flexible than strict Photorealism.



Plus One Gallery

+44-20 7730 7656




A hyperrealist oil painting by Pedro Campos

The Meeting by Adrian Smart


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