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Sanchaeman Launches Ready Meals Brand ‘Bibyeoyo’ for Korean Traditional Gondeure-Bap
Business Wire China | 25 Jul 2019 9:33am

INJE, GANGWON-DO, South Korea--()--A traditional Korean food Gondeure-bap, which is the rice cooked with Korean thistle (Gondeure), is now available worldwide.

Sanchaeman Co., Ltd., a Korean food supplier that provides fresh foods made of farm products from Gangwon-do, has launched the Bibyeoyo, a pre-cooked Gondeure with which consumers make Gondeure-bap quick and easy.

Sanchaeman's Bibyeoyo only uses blanched Gondeure from Gangwon-do without any chemical additives and contains fermented raw bellflower essence to add a deep flavor. Consumers just can pour the contents over a bowl of rice and mix well to make a delicious meal full of nutrition. It's also a perfect fit for vegetarians.

Korean thistle, also known as Goryeo thistle, is a type of wild edible greens that has a unique light, smooth and aromatic flavor. It contains a variety of vitamins and beta carotene. It also boasts rich fiber content and low-calories.

When eaten blanched, steamed, or seasoned, the gondeure helps bowel movements to relieve constipation and improve skin health.

"Bibyeoyo is nutritious and convenient to eat. It's the best food for busy modern people," said Sang-mi Park, a president of Sanchaeman.

Sanchaeman's Bibyeoyo has four types of flavor: earthy, a little spicy, Sanchaebibim, and Gangdoenjang.

It can be purchased from Kangwonmall, Gangwon-do’s specialty foods website:


Sanchaeman Co., Ltd. 
Sang-mi Park 


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