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HIBINOSEKKEI, Inc: Sensuous Children’s Facilities Won Design Awards in Italy
Business Wire China | 18 Jul 2019 11:03am

Against “Smartphone Childcare”, designed for children to cultivate their sensitivity.

ATSUGI, Japan--()--HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro (CEO Taku Hibino) won “A' Design Award & Competition 2019” in Italy. “Kinari Kindergarten and Nursery” won the Silver Award and “YM Nursery” won the Bronze Award.


Now smartphones have become common even for children. In this situation, lack of exercise, retarded speech and five senses development, and loss of vision are concerns. HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro thinks it important that children have many direct experiences to feel, smell, taste and touch from the early childhood. In awarded two facilities, children can have many experiences to touch, feel, find, think and learn in playing.

A’ Design Award & Competition

An international design award competition in Italy. 
Popular designers, professors, and journalists select well-designed products and services, and give them awards to make good designers known by more people.

Kinari Kindergarten and Nursery / Shizuoka, Japan 
Architecture and Building Design Category: Silver Award

The concept of this kindergarten and nursery is Enshu Fabric, a traditional fabric in Hamamatsu, so that the good connection between children and the local community will be made by installing local elements respecting the local history and culture. The shape and color of every exterior and interior come from this. Even “Kinari” is named for this concept, whose meaning is “Ecru” in English. Then, children can live a safe and happy life with such a good connection with the local community.

YM Nursery / Tottori, Japan 
Architecture and Building Design Category: Bronze Award

This is a nursery in Tottori. Many kinds of sensuous natural materials are used. The sensible stimulus taken by touching them directly, stimulate their brain and will have a good influence on their development. In addition, local materials are used for signs, handrails of stairs, and mud walls, so that children have chances to learn about the local. By reusing the flooring and concrete waste of the old nursery building, children will feel the history of the nursery and learn about how to take good care of things.


Architecture design office consisted of “Youji no Shiro” specializing in children’s facility and “FUKUSHIKEN” in welfare facility.






: Taku Hibino



: 2343 Iiyama, Atsugi, Kanagawa





PR Kaho Hayakawa 
TEL: +8146-241-3339 
Phone: +8170-3190-7993 


Playful dining room with fireplace, slide, rock climbing. (Photo: Business Wire)

Pathway where children can play with water. (Photo: Business Wire)

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