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Overcame $250,000 Debt Through Systematic Trading
Aspire, Thought Leaders | 22 July 2015
By: Vance Wong
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What would you do if you had to pay off a $250,000 debt on behalf of your client who chose to file for bankruptcy? Collin Seow, local remisier and author of The Systematic Trader was left with two choices: to file for bankruptcy with his client, or to pay off the debts.

In a recent interview, Collin Seow talked about how he managed to pay off the huge debt and even started making profits. His recovery and success were largely owed to a system complemented with strategies that he had devised over the years as a remisier and trader.

Collin will be holding a three-hour course where he will talk about his debt crisis, how he overcame it and eventually developed a trading system. He will be also giving out his book The Systematic Trader to the attendees.

Lowest Point In Career: $250,000 Debt Crisis

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The lowest point in Collin’s career, and essentially his life, is a $250,000 debt that his client had incurred through stock market losses. Collin’s client could not pay off the debts and decided to file for bankruptcy; Collin soon realised that he had to shoulder the debt.

His client told him to file for bankruptcy too but Collin refused and wanted to fight on. It was tough of course; his commission as a remisier was only about $2,000 per month.

Change In Trading Habits; Trading System

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The first thing Collin told himself was to stop intra-day trading, which was his previous strategy when buying stocks. He needed the time to look for more clients and conduct trainings for more income.

Collin then decided to develop a system that can trade for him, or at least make trading a lot easier. He was surprised that the system actually worked. With the help of it, he managed to ride on a good trend and profited enough to pay off the debts after a year and a half.

He was approached by Chin Yong Sak, author of Secrets Of Highly Profitable Traders (Straits Times National Bestseller for 21 weeks) and shared his trading strategies.

Shortly after, Collin decided to write his own book, The Systematic Trader with the help of Yong Sak. He penned down his experiences as a remisier and trader over the past nine years. The strategies and a system that he had developed along the way are condensed in the book’s pages.

How Investors Can Use The System

The system that Collin spoke of is now in a form of a software programme. Most retail investors often mistaken that a system or software programme would do everything for them, including the fundamental analyses.

Collin’s system provides technical analysis but retail investors have to do fundamental analysis and research on specific stocks for the best results. In short, investors have to decide for themselves the stocks that they want to buy, while Collin’s system will provide advice about when to buy.

Based on experience, Collin noticed that when investors look for undervalued stocks to buy, more often than not they will realise that the prices would not appreciate over a short time. This is what Collin terms as the opportunity cost.

Furthermore, Collin also pointed out that many retail investors do not have a specific time-frame in place for their trades. Most of them would usually sell once they make any profits, which is a very ineffective way of trading on the stock market.

As such, by using Collin’s system, complemented with appropriate fundamental analysis, investors can expect to have a more consistent trading record. The system would favour trades that look at a time-frame of weeks, months or even years. It will help investors identify and ride uptrends of the strongest stocks in the market.

With a Communications background, Vance has the passion to write with a purpose - to provide content supported with substantial evidence to vested readers.

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