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The Wealth Dragon Way The Why, The When And The How To Become Infinitely Wealthy
Book Parade | 02 July 2015

By: John Lee, Vincent Wong
Published by: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 978-1-119-07783-1
Paper, 224 pages
April 2015
List price (with GST): $24.56

Wealth educators and property millionaires John Lee and Vincent Wong offer a practical guide to building personal wealth through alternative forms of property investment.

The Wealth Dragon Way is an introduction and invitation to a whole new perspective on personal wealth and our individual potential for growth, both monetarily and on a more holistic level.

Interspersed with their own unique voices and stories, together the authors take the reader through a wholesale revision of their attitude towards Wealth First, they explore the very definition of wealth before discussing the differentiation between monetary and moral wealth. We are shown how easily we can be misled and influenced by what we see and hear in the media. The authors dispel many myths that surround the subject of wealth, ranging from the false notion that there is no truly moral way to become wealthy to the dangerous assumption that the state will provide us with an adequate pension in our old age.

The book then raises the issues of what holds us back. The authors challenge us to own up to why we procrastinate over taking control of our financial future. The whole notion of fear where it comes from is tackled head on! At the heart of The Wealth Dragon Way, the authors share their knowledge of and experience in property investment.

Finally, we learn some key principles to adopt and abide by if and when we are ready to become “wealth dragons”.

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