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How To Punt IPOs – Mr IPO
Aspire, Investments | 20 January 2015
By: Mr.IPO
Articles (33) Profile

Targeted Companies
Companies going to be listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) main board and Catalist.

Investment Capital
$20,000 to $200,000 in order to apply at least 100,000 shares at the ATMs. The more accounts (from different local banks) you have the better the chances of getting the shares.

Also, never give up. Sometimes, we give up after a few times but you never know when your lucky stars will shine again. My motto is ‘never give up’ and you might just be rewarded for your persistence and perseverance.

Time Horizon
From one day to weeks.

Targeted Returns
Between 3% to 20% for the first day pop. Annualization is meaningless!

I first blogged about the performance of my IPO “tikams” in 2012. In 2012, i made about $4,923 from my IPO tikams.

In 2013, I didn’t blog about it but it was actually a good year for me. I made about $23,467. The top 5 contributors were:

  1. Linc Energy $6,165
  2. Mapletree Greater China Trust $4,681
  3. Money Max $4,654
  4. Kris Energy $2,391
  5. Logistics Holdings $2,158

How did 2014 fare? The IPO market on the SGX for 2014 was actually quite bad. I think the SGX has somehow lost its way…… and is unable to attract good companies to list here. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) is definitely the flag bearer in Asia, due partly to its proximity to China.

Funnily enough, I actually had a good year. However, I don’t think the performance can be repeated unless the SGX is able to attract quality IPOs to list here or I managed to get placement shares in better IPOs in 2015.

2014 was very unusual because I managed to get out-sized placement shares in a few stocks and had been lucky enough to ‘run road’ fast enough with a profit. (Do note that this route can easily back-fire as well). My returns for 2014 was $31,093. You can see that the top 3 contributors made the most returns for me.

  1. QT Vascular $12,817
  2. KOP Limited $12,098
  3. UG Healthcare $4,696
  4. Starburst $1,876
  5. JAPFA $525

I also incurred losses from EMAS Offshore but thankfully, I cut loss very quickly given that I have given it a zero rating.

That’s all for now. Here is wishing a readers a Happy 2015 and may 2015 IPOs be a good year for you too.

Happy IPOing

Mr. IPO has been covering companies listing in Singapore since July 2007. His IPO blog can be found here. All views and opinions found on his blogs are personal and can be very biased.

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