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Editorial Desk
Editorial Desk | 11 July 2014
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By: Choo Hao Xiang
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In life, things often do not go as planned. Much as a goal is in place, the path is definitely not clear-cut.

Just like in the equity markets. While the long-term trend can be quite glaring, the same cannot be said about short-term movements. Given such circumstances, risk-adverse investors generally opt to go with defensive stocks as a primary portion of their equity portfolio.

What exactly are defensive stocks? Basically, these refer to companies whose businesses are not highly dependent on the state of economic conditions. Companies which sell essentials or supply products or services that are mandated by legislations are some of such examples.

Fitting nicely into this class is the latest entrant to the Catalist board on the Singapore Exchange – engineering specialist Starburst Holdings. Covering the entire supply chain from design to installation phases, Starburst is the go-to company where firearms-training facilities are concerned. See what we have learnt from the company’s management team on Starburst’s market niche that differentiates itself from its peers.

Staying on the initial public offering market, we look at the second largest IPO sale this year. Frasers Hospitality Trust (FHT), a spin-off of Frasers Centrepoint’s hospitality assets, is raising $367.9 million, a tad lower than PACC Offshore Services Holdings’ $374.8 million raised in April. How does FHT’s portfolio fare against those of the other locally-listed hospitality trusts? What is the market reception towards this category of trusts? Answer to these questions can be found on here.

Wrapping up this issue is an article from IG which talks about major Chinese internet stocks. Spurred by interest in the upcoming Alibaba IPO, share prices of such companies have recently enjoyed a bit of a run-up.

Enjoy the read!

Haoxiang manages and oversees the portfolio of stocks in the consumer goods and hospitality sectors at Shares Investment.

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Starburst Hldgs  -- -- --   
Business: Co engages in the design and engineering of firearms-training facilities. [FY18 Turnover] Maintenance services & others (94.4%), firearm shooting ranges (5.6%).

Insight: May-19, 1Q19 revenue remained flat at $1.6b which ... Read More
Frasers Hospitality Trust  0.725 +0.005 +0.69%   
Business: A stapled group comprising Frasers Hospitality REIT and Frasers Hospitality Business Trust.

Insight: Apr-19, 1H19 gross revenue sank 4.7% to $75.3m and... Read More
PACC Offshore Services Hldgs  0.103 +0.001 +0.98%   
Business: Operator of offshore support vessels (OSV), with a diversified fleet servicing offshore O&G activities. [FY17 Turnover] OSV (39%), offshore accommodation (42.5%), harbour svcs & emergency response(11.1%), tptn & installation (7.4%).

Insight: Aug-18, 1H18 revenue doubled to US$153.7m due to h... Read More

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