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Property Investment Forecasts: Where Are The Best Destinations For Future Returns?
Perspective | 09 June 2014

Where are property investment companies recommending the best destinations to invest are today, for maximum long term performance?

There appear to be great international real estate investment opportunities all over the world at the moment.

Property investment companies are rising to the occasion, promoting a varied bundle of wares from ultra-expensive prime central London property to properties being shed at fire-sale prices, for less than the cost of a nice suit in bankrupt cities like Detroit in the USA.

Short term gains can be great, and the promise of global topping returns alluring. Still, savvy property investors are wise to keep their eyes on the long term, and sustainable investments which will continue to produce above average returns, with continued security. After all, return on investment means little without the preservation of capital.

So what is ahead? Where do analysts and the most reputable property investment advisors project the best growth prospects, consistent yields, and security from risk?

Many markets are still temporarily depressed, some are potentially topping out after tremendous capital injection and growth has turned them into separate asset classes, and new exotic destinations are always being floated with big promises of dazzling returns.

So where should global investors be setting their sights?

What are some of the destinations offering interesting opportunities which could prove to be the best investments going forward?

    Successful property investment companies, analysts and experienced real estate investors recognize there are three core investment strategies to keep in mind when investing overseas.

  • Get into opportunities early enough to realize the best gains
  • Go against the flow and find overlooked opportunities to uncover value
  • Stay close to strong holds for long term performance and wealth preservation
    • 8 Overseas Destinations Being Eyed by Leading Property Investment Companies Now:

  • Australia

  • Looking beyond Sydney, both Brisbane and Melbourne are expected to lead as some of the fastest growing mature cities on the global map. Both offers high expectations of urban growth and increased demand for rental apartments, which could provide improved yields, along with capital growth.

  • Hong Kong

  • While bubble rumors continue to plague Hong Kong, savvy investors are seeing incredible opportunities to secure discounts in one of the world’s most expensive real estate destinations and financial strongholds.

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is anticipated to continue to draw a significant expat crowd thanks to affordable, high quality medical care, great lifestyle opportunities and business growth.

  • Greater London

  • While some property investment companies continue to promote ever more expensive prime central London developments, those getting ahead of the curve are finding value, enhanced yield, and superior long term growth investments in Greater London. Examples include; Southeast London, and Deptford in particular.

  • Dublin

  • While Ireland may still be bottoming in its own real estate and financial crisis, it continues to offer many advantages to expats. New entrepreneurial spirit and tech development hopes to elevate the country’s appeal and global competitiveness. Those getting in early could find substantial discounts and value ahead of a fresh rebound in property prices.

  • New York

  • Despite its reputation as an expensive city, New York currently offers an incredible combo of low property prices, and rising values, along with renewed government efforts to attract investors and new businesses with substantial tax breaks.

  • Chicago

  • While perhaps one of the least sunny USA destinations, Chicago, like New York currently offers a combination of attractive asset prices, underlying strength and in demand celebrity real estate.

  • Miami

  • Continuously, a favorite with the world’s rich and famous, Miami promises plenty of fun in the sun, along with some exciting new developments.

    There is significant disparity between neighborhoods in Miami, just as with any other major international city, but being home to two percent of the world’s billionaires, and a favorite among global banking institutions and innovative developers it is an exciting place to invest in property overseas.

    Many investors are also unaware of the coming Panama Canal widening which promises to bring a substantial increase in property demand and economic affluence in the next couple of years.

    Continued drivers of the best real estate returns in the future will surround flight capital honing in on wealth protection and increased yields, job growth, new business hubs, and population growth.

    Quality property investment companies will continue to advise their clients to develop well rounded, diverse portfolios, which incorporate the best quality projects, in solid locations at fair prices, while honing into look at the advantages and performance projections of individual investment opportunities.

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