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Editorial Desk
Editorial Desk | 21 February 2014
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By: Choo Hao Xiang
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Turbulence. No one likes it, regardless when you are flying or investing in the equity markets. Perhaps that was why the local market had been relatively quiet so far this year. The turbulence stemming from emerging markets worries, mixed economic indicators from the US, and uncertainty about China’s future growth had kept investors sidelined. However, you and I both know that volatility is not going away. Not now, not ever.

Investors have been employing a range of investment strategies to work around the harsh environment. Diversification has been long advocated as a method to achieve a higher level of risk-adjusted returns. Another way involves asset reallocation and rebalancing. Both attempt to lower a portfolio’s aggregate level of risk.

But what if you can make volatility work for you? That’s right. There is something on the market that can turn volatility in your favour.

To find out how, we recently caught up with Greg Baker, IG’s managing director. As it turns out, investors are increasingly opting to utilise contracts for difference, or more commonly known as CFD, for investment or trading of stocks and forex. How does a CFD work and what are the perks and cons of incorporating this instrument into your investment strategy? Answers to these can be found here.

Another asset class that has been facing unexpected heightened volatility is gold. Following a horrendous 2013 where it tumbled 28 percent, gold prices have rebounded 10 percent at the start of this year. We explore the factors behind the price surge and present to you the avenues you can take to gain exposure to the yellow metal. Also, details of CNMC Goldmine Holdings, a gold mining firm that is starting to show signs of a turnaround as it shifts from a pure exploration phase to one that couples exploration with production, are on the plate.

Next, we look at the world’s largest condom manufacturer by volume, Karex. The Malaysia-based company saw its share price more than doubled since its 6 November listing on Bursa Malaysia. Apparently, the condom manufacturer has big plans to drive growth going forward. Find out what they are and where its chief executive officer sees the company stand in this niche industry.

Enjoy the read!

Haoxiang manages and oversees the portfolio of stocks in the consumer goods and hospitality sectors at Shares Investment.

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CNMC Goldmine Hldgs  0.290 -- --   
Business: Co is engaged in the business of exploration, mining of gold and the processing of mined ore into gold dores.

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