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5 Fast Facts on SembMar Chart
Corporate Digest | 22 January 2014
By: Daniel Loh
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As the Strait Times Index has been going sideway, we see many Blue Chip stocks moving sideways or lower. However we feel that this could be an opportunity for blue chip investors to scoop up some bargains.

Below are five fast facts on Sembcorp Marine (SembMar) Chart.

1)      For the past two years, the price of $4.20 has been acting as a very strong support. It bounced off the $4.20 level successfully for the past five times and rebounded up with an average of nine percent in the subsequent months.

2)      SembMar has been trading in a range between $4.20 to $4.60 for the past one year. Hence using a trending indicator with a mid to long term time frame is not useful (Eg. 50 Days Moving Average).  A shorter time frame like a 20-days Moving Average will be more effective.

3)      Since it is in an obvious sideways trend, a buy low sell high strategy with the oscillator RSI will also be effective in finding an Entry and Exit.

4)      For the past two years when RSI(14) reached below 30 percent, it shows us a good price to enter as it is in the Oversold region.

5)      A good place to place a stop loss will be around the $4.07 level. If the price hits that level, that could be a sign of the end of this sideways trend.

SembMar will release its full year results near the last week of February 2014.


Below is the chart of SembMar.


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DANIEL LOH is an investment coach that specializes in equities and derivatives trading. He regularly appears on TV financial programmes like “Morning Express”, "Good Morning Singapore" and "Hello Singapore". He is interviewed bi-weekly on radio station FM95.8.

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