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Jeff’s Performance Of August Historical Calls And Full-Year Trading (Aug12–Aug13)
Perspective | 06 September 2013
By: Jeff Sun
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The month of August saw my portfolio close off on a positive of +$4,834 after factoring a loss of -$652.59 and -$448 accumulated from dividends(short), commission and interest rate payment. Do note that I am only carrying a risk of $400 (Potential Loss per trade).

There is a win-loss ratio of 10 winning trades vs 4 losing trades. 7 trades are still running and the total unrealized profit/loss is +$5,740. Of the 10 winning positions, 8 of them were trend trade position along with the market to the short side as STI retraced heavily by 21 percent during the month.

This proves that trading is profitable if you simply traded with the general market trend. It also highlights the importance of trading both the upside and the downside of an equity, as this deters you from missing out on any high probable money making opportunity, even when the market is down.

Full Year Review
I also concluded my full year of trading (13 months to be exact) with a total net profit of +$33,343, from a mere start up of $14,800. That equates to an annual return of +208 percent, where the STI is currently only +0.5 percent since august 2012. (eg. every $1 gives me a $2.08 net return), and a monthly passive income of $2,564, for 13 months. Do also note that my trading strategy and rules have not required me to monitor the live prices of the stock’s price action but I could still continue to go to school, prepare for exam, go for gym sessions, hang out with friends and even working full time now when the market is open.

Net Profit/Loss for the last 13 months

The graph shows a positive linear trendline, a trend that signifies the increasing net profit during the period.

Monthly win to lose ratio during the last 13 months

This graph however, shows a negative trendline. This is hugely due to the month of March & May, where I learnt the lesson of trend trading, and the importance of trading the market only when you are in circumstances to stop loss whenever it triggers. Aside from that 2 months, I have shown a consistency of my winning to losing ratio at an average of 70 percent every month. (eg. 7 winning trades in every 10 trades)

Along this period, I have attained over 130,000 views and 58,000 unique visitors count. I am also proud to be sharing my live trades with 250 over members of my exclusive facebook group and sharing my weekly STI insights with Shares Investment’s Portal.

It has been a fantastic learning journey for myself as each month allowed me to realize the mistakes made, and also construct new trading strategies and methodology to yield more profit and cut short on the losses. This blog has enforced me to plan my trade and trading to my plan, and I am very glad that such a commitment of discipline has show proof to many of the readers that trading can be a very profitable game if you could plan your trade correctly and manage your risk aversion.

On a side note, I will be looking to donate 10 percent of my annual trading profit to Make-A-Wish Singapore to fulfill the dreams of the other kids.

PS: Do email me at if you are keen to join us in the facebook community for live trading!

Jeff Sun, a self taught market observer and owner of Singapore Stocks Trading.

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