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Exploring The CMC Markets Trading Platform
In the Spotlight | 16 December 2011
By: Xavier Lim
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By: Ong Qiuying
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With the vast amount of financial products available for investors to choose from, it is indeed hard to decide on what to invest in and where to go to for various investments. All these investment decisions are further weighed down by the on-going concern of weakening market sentiments and economic slowdown. Hence, Contract For Differences (CFDs) are becoming popular in a bid to beat the market amidst the heightened volatility.

Gavin Ward, director of Asia of CMC Markets, shared with Shares Investment (Singapore) in an exclusive interview, the exciting new features its trading platform has to offer, bringing investing to a whole new level. As one of the world’s leading online CFD and financial spread betting providers, CMC Markets now provide traders with more options and positions to take as well as risk management tools to assess their portfolio. This all-in-one platform is perhaps, the solution to our need for fast, easy and efficient trading.

Shares Investment: Tell us more about your trading platform and the new features that are recently included.

Gavin Ward: CMC Markets has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovations and the same can be said about our new platform. New features are constantly added to our platform to provide greater customisation and to improve our offering.

Some of our new and unique features available on our platform are summarised in the table below.

Additionally, we seek to provide the best cost solution with trading fees reduced across the board (spanning indices, equities, forex and commodities).

Integrating the trading platform with mobile technology, these services are also made available via the iPhone app.

SI: The trading platform also features advanced charting services such as allowing trading from charts. How does it work? Can this service be used on phone applications as well?

GW: The ability to trade from the charts is a key feature that we offer on our charting package as many of our clients utilize technical analysis when making their trades.
Buy and sell order tickets can be pulled out at a single click from the charts, and stop-loss and profit-taking orders can be initiated and manoeuvred directly from the charts.

SI: We understand that features such as fractional ownership and customisable margins would be attractive for traders, especially in the current volatile markets. How can traders benefit from such features?

GW: During volatile markets, it is easy for traders to get whipsawed out of their positions. When clients take on a larger position beyond their comfort zone, they may sometimes succumb to emotional indiscretions and end up making irrational decisions (i.e. selling at the bottom).

With fractional ownership which offers precision portfolio sizing, clients can choose to invest and trade only sums that they are comfortable with. For example, instead of having to buy a minimum 1 ounce of gold (at a cost of ~US$ 1700), clients can instead choose to buy just a fraction of an ounce or even as low as $1 worth of gold.

Additionally, with our innovative Customisable Margins tool, CMC Markets’ clients can choose to be more conservative in their trades during volatile market conditions by reducing the leverage they take. Clients can choose to put down more margin (or even choose to pay up in full) so they will be better positioned to sit out market volatility. This is a unique feature to CMC Markets as clients who trade CFDs elsewhere have to undertake maximum leverage (paying just the minimum margin requirements); which may increase their downside potential.

SI: What are some of the other risk management tools featured in the platform which will help investors manage risks?

GW: All newly opened trading accounts come enabled with our unique Transaction Based Stop Loss feature (which can be disabled if preferred), that helps to mitigate losses incurred per trade. This is especially important for new traders who may not be comfortable or disciplined enough to put stop-loss protection orders.

Additionally, CMC Markets offers free risk management features (stop losses, trailing stops, boundary pricing, take profit orders, limit and stop entry orders) for all clients.

SI: This integrated platform is like a one-stop solution for traders to trade and keep track of the related news at the same time. Will the company be introducing more new features or new products in the near future? Can you give us a sneak-peek into what are the likely new features, if any?

GW: From free live DowJones Newswires to economic calendars to the portfolio mixer, it is always our aim to provide clients with a simple yet effective trading platform. New products that will be offered include treasuries, interest rate instruments and more Forex pairs. We will also be expanding our mobile technology from Apple devices to include the Android platform in the coming weeks.

As for other unique features that we will be releasing in the coming months, let’s just say the best is yet to come!

SI: What makes trading on CMC Markets so easy and effective?

GW: It is often bandied that companies adopt a “Customer First” motto. Well, at CMC Markets, we make it happen.

Our trading platform is designed by traders, built by traders and made for traders. With over $100 million invested into our new platform, we are confident that clients will find that trading can be much easier, more effective and considerably sexier!

SI: What is the edge it has over other providers?

GW: We believe the unique features that we offer on our new trading platform cannot be easily replicated by other providers. After all, not many providers have or are ready to invest over $100 million in a next generation trading platform!

With the constant and continuous investments we are injecting into our trading technology (as evident by our regular platform enhancements), we are confident that CMC Markets will be able to maintain our competitive advantage for many years to come.

This is a co-written article of Shares Investment, which lays out the analytical ideas and thoughts of the authors, who are well versed in investments and market concepts.

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