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Understanding The Hong Kong Market With Louis Wong
In the Spotlight | 21 October 2011

By Louis Wong

With many Chinese companies having exceptionally high average growth rate of 10.2% since 2006, it is no wonder that many investors are interested to invest in China. 

Investing in China is, however, not a straightforward affair. To complicate matters, the “Chinese market” is classified into many tiers with different sets of restrictions to prospective investors. What’s more, the different representative alphabets used for each share class could be confusing, and to certain extent, intimidating to new and/or amateur investor. It is, thus, of no surprise that some have turned increasingly to shares in Hong Kong as an alternative avenue to invest in China.

While investing in China emits a hue of mysterious euphoria, Louis Wong, Dealing Director of Phillip Securities (HK) and Director of Phillip Capital Management (HK) Limited, is one veteran who has been earnestly providing sound advice and unravelling the mystery to willing investors.

With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Louis is one of the most experienced fund managers in Hong Kong. He has hosted several financial programmes on Hong Kong Cable Television, HK Metro Radio and the Putonghua Channel of Radio Television Hong Kong, which has hailed him as the best financial analyst for 3 years in a row.

Drawing on his expertise, Louis has recently published his second book titled “股市是平的”, which loosely translates into “The Stock Market is Flat”. The latest book, which was filled with personal anecdotes, touches on how global economies affect one another, and thus, the mere buying of a stock and holding it would not ensure that it will be profitable venture due to the corresponding stock market movements.

Reading the market is a constant challenge, not to mention the proper use of alternative investment tools to enhance the return on investment. Louis is, however, walking the unconventional route by sharing the practicality of “how-s” that he has used and tested. Applying his stringent list of stock selection criteria, he will share on how to read the Hong Kong market (or even any other markets) as well as how to utilise tools such as ETFs and CFDs to achieve a holistic and diversified portfolio.

If the above had set your heart racing for more, Louis Wong is coming to Singapore! He will be speaking in the event titled “The Current Global Market Crisis – A Golden Opportunity or a Potential Threat?” on 30 October – a sequel to Shares Investment Conference 2011 – to talk about the global market crisis and how to trade in such volatile market.

To pack the lesson back home, copies of his book would be available for sale at a special price of S$30 (usual retail price of S$35), and there will be an autograph session that closes the event with the very personal touch of Louis Wong. See you there!

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