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Shares Investment: Investing With You Since 1995
In the Spotlight | 13 August 2010
By: Louis Kent Lee
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The month of August is one that is filled with celebrations. First, we have our nation’s birthday which saw fireworks and new segments brought onto the National Day performance’s platform. To add to the August celebration joy, Shares Investment will celebrate its 15th anniversary via a half-day investment conference at the Suntec Convention Centre on 14th August 2010.

Established since 17 July 1995, Shares Investment is a bi-weekly shares market publication of Pioneers & Leaders (Publishers) that is catered to provide information to both potential investors and investors with regards to the stock market.

Regarding Shares Investment
Shares Investment offers readers information regarding companies’ insights, financial figures and helpful investment ratios. In addition, the publication consists of articles on interviews with top management of listed companies, write-ups on initial public offerings, market happenings and market assessments. In order to catch up with the “real time” pedestal, the publication is available less than 24 hours after the market closes on Friday.

Widening its geographical reach, Shares Investment has also branched out its publication to Malaysia and China. Shares Investment Malaysia and China are published monthly and both publications stand firmly on their healthy base of audiences. Shares Investment Malaysia collaborates with Nanyang Siang Pau and International Times and is accredited as an useful read for investors.

Creation Of New Platforms
Shares Investment has grown throughout the years as it continued adding value to its readers.
Besides its printed publication, Shares Investment has introduced additional content outlets that are very much sought after nowadays. With the constant push of technology and evolution, Shares Investment introduced its website,, which provides readers a new multimedia platform. On top of articles which can be found in the physical publication itself, the website also provides additional interesting reads, forum and external helpful sources which aid investors’ to be better informed of the happenings in and around the markets.

Because information which is current, updated and accurate is expensive and cumbersome to compile, Shares Investment has incorporated its data feed to not only churn insights from its own but concurrently gathers information from external live feed sources such as world indices, Dow Jones Newswire and more.

In line with the 15th anniversary, Shares Investment will be launching its mobile application for iPhone, which would allow users to access its web and information on-the-go. Shares Investment also provides in-house seminars where it collaborates with renowned investment speakers to share their experienced insights. This is the first time Shares Investment is holding its large-scale seminar at the Suntec Convention Centre. The seminar will feature two distinct speakers who are regular columnists of Shares Investment and are renowned in the investment commentary scene, namely Professor Chan Yan Chong and Gabriel Gan.

The Featured Delights
Renowned for views on a wider perspective, Professor Chan is no stranger to the world of investments. He has accurately foretold each financial crisis since the 1990s and written several best selling books on investments and economics. Apart from that, Professor Chan also conducts investment seminars to many full house audiences. Accrediting his successes, the government of Hong Kong SAR (2007) has awarded him the Medal of Honor. In addition, he was awarded the International Financial Awards of Excellence by the Chinese Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

He will be speaking about the macro factors of the economy in which he will further elaborate views on recent spates of events which struck us like the eurozone debt crisis, possibility of a double dip recession, global exit strategies, the flexibility imposed on the yuan exchange rate, transformation of the real estate market, and what to expect here on.

Gabriel Gan, well known for his field experiences in the equity market will also be bringing a heavy weight treat to the platform for the seminar attendees. Former Research Editor of Shares Investment, Gabriel is now the Senior Vice President of Equity Sales, AmFraser. Being sought after regularly by channel U TV station and Radio FM95.8, Gabriel also does regular commentaries on daily shares market. He is also an expert speaker in the numerous investment conferences he’s spoken at. Gabriel will be mainly focusing on the local scene such as the health and potential projections of the Straits Time Index and which companies to look out for.

The response to the seminar has been overwhelming and all tickets have been completely sold out with pre orders for the seminar’s DVD filling up fast. The two sponsors for the event are namely CMC Markets (CMC) and Singapore Turf Club (STC). This seminar is also supported by the Singapore Exchange (SGX). An analyst from CMC Markets, will also be taking the stage to talk about the technicalities of the stock market, with signals and charting techniques as the main focus of the talk. The event will also include a Question and Answer session moderated by MediaCorp DJ Wong Lee Jeng.

The stage is all set for the commencement of Shares Investment’s 15th anniversary. Judging from the outstanding ticket sales and the high expectancy placed on the two featured speakers, it is definitely one to look forward to.

Louis is a qualified accountant with the ACCA, and is the Research Editor at Shares Investment magazine.

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