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Wealth Summit Asia 2009 Comes To Town
In the Spotlight | 18 September 2009
By: Clement Kan
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In today’s Asian lifestyle, the increasing demand for financial publications and education, and the growth in popularity of both traditional and online wealth creation tools are undeniably signs of its population’s thirst for greater financial understanding and wealth.

Good personal wealth management and creation strategies are highly sought after and valued by many individuals who desire to grow their personal fiscal assets. With information so readily available over the Internet, enhanced by today’s improved technologies and connectivity, wealth management is no longer confined to the elite, but made accessible to anyone with sufficient savings and determination to advance their financial literacy and portfolio.

With the present volatile market conditions and recession issues that have been experienced in the equities market, the common question is which direction the markets will next take, and how wealth can be accumulated using various avenues and protected in differing situations. Building income streams using methods such as Internet Marketing, Property Investing, trading of Futures, Currency, Stocks and Options have been widely recognized as the best ways to take advantage of both bullish and bearish scenarios, and is gaining rapid growth in Asia.

This coming 10 & 11 October, PowerUp Capital Network Pte Ltd is proud to present the first of its kind Wealth Summit Asia 2009. This flagship event aims to attract over 2,000 highly targeted individuals who are determined to learn how they can harness the right wealth creation tools, leverage the insight of experts and exchange ideas with a community of like-minded individuals to increase their personal wealth. Renowned speakers include Jim Rogers, Kishore M and Fabian Lim, amongst others.

Playing A Key Role In Financial Education
Knowing what to do with your finances and assets is fast becoming a critical challenge in our everyday lives.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of information and wealth creation tools waiting to be harnessed.

For the successful generation and maintenance of personal wealth creation, some of the questions an individual needs to ask are:

    • Who can they gain financial education from?
    • What are the optimal investment and wealth creation tools?
    • When and where should he use those tools for optimal returns?
    • How can he maximize his investments?

The Wealth Summit Asia 2009 will help answer these critical questions. The Wealth Summit Asia 2009 will also serve as an excellent platform to raise the profile of these wealth creation techniques like Internet marketing, real-estate investing, stock, futures, forex and options trading in Asia and position them as a viable means to financial freedom.

For more information on how you can participate in this exciting and meaningful event, kindly log on to

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