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Get the Most out of ASSI as We Embrace Financial Security
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These days, very often, when readers ask me questions, I would direct them to my blog’s “Search” function found at the top of the blog. What? You didn’t know there is one?

Alamak, you must be reading my blog using your mobile phone all the time. The mobile friendly version of my blog shows the latest 5 blog posts and that’s about it.

Apart from the “Search” function, the full web version of my blog also has plenty of useful links in the left and right side bars. There are links to recommended blog posts, the latest news and comments, for example.

Having said this, I would like to share an inspirational email from a new reader who has made good use of the full web version of my blog over a short period of two months:

Questions? Use the "Search" function in my blog.

Dear AK,

I was researching on insurance as I only have Hospitalisation & Surgical (H&S) and Home Protection Scheme (HPS) plans even after working for 5 years. I moved in to my new HDB flat in January and I began to manage the household finances. Suddenly, at the age of 30, I thought that life is vulnerable especially when my husband and I had mortgage loans to pay off.

I was on sabbatical leave for 2 months as I was pretty burnt out from the previous job. Fortunately, our flat was $368k (3-room HDB, 60sqm). We could afford a 4-room flat but decided that we did not want to fork out extra cash top-ups after deducting from our CPFs.

It was a wonderful 2 months and a good friend of mine recommended your blog. It was such an eye-opener! First, I started by reading the suggested posts, then by labels. But still, I don’t think I have finished reading all the 2000 posts. I have read some posts many times over. Every day, I’ll share with my husband an article that you have written. I have also read posts by a few other bloggers and thought of something which would work for us. I’m proud of myself that I’ve learnt something new and am not eroding away my husband’s money =p

Then we started to think things over, like we should set aside some funds before trying for a baby. Both of us agreed on the part where children are “wealth destructions” *ouch*. If we were to have children, we have to make sure that our war chests are solid.

Because of your blog, I have also helped my parents review their rubbish insurance policies and streamline it so they don’t have to pay so much. I even got my mum to contribute to her CPF-RA account on a monthly basis. It’s a small amount of $300 per month but better than nothing. She’s only 55 and has 10 years for the magic of compounding to happen. I also have plans to do cash top-ups for her.

I drafted our monthly fixed and miscellaneous expenses (eg. $4000). We don’t own a car. We credit our salary into a joint account. The surplus (eg. $3000) will be transferred to another joint account which we defined as “Savings/Invest/Travel”. Once we think that this account is solid, we will open another joint account for Emergency Funds.

Every year, we will do a yearly $7000 top up to our CPF-SA each so that we could also get tax relief. We have not started investing for dividends yet as that’s another whole new topic.

As for insurance, I’m taking my time to review and shortlist the ones that cater to our needs. And yes, my husband and I are now strong advocates of “Buy Term Invest the Rest” :) Whenever we “eavesdrop” on conversations of insurance agents pushing IPLs to clueless clients at fast food restaurants, painting beautiful pictures of the 8% non-guaranteed return, we always roll our eyes and shake our head in disbelief. LOL!

You mentioned that you have a job which pays slightly less than $10k monthly, which means that you are probably in the senior management. I suppose you are a busy man. First, how do you manage to squeeze out time to write your blog? Second, may I have your opinion on our strategy to save money? Is there any way that I can improve on?

Thank you AK and I look forward to every one of your posts.



Taken on my recent vacation.

Hi A,

A warm welcome to my blog. :)

These days, I have many more emails from readers and to read one like yours always brightens up my day. I am happy that talking to myself has helped anyone who would care to eavesdrop. LOL. ;p

As for what you plan to do, I feel that having adequate insurance and, then, having an adequate emergency fund should come first. These are the safety nets. Even if we were to pluck low hanging fruits, having some kind of cushion in case we should trip and fall is a good idea. ;)

I am really glad that you are helping the elders in your family plan for a more secure retirement and to have healthier cash flow in the present as well, all without sacrificing any necessary insurance coverage. :)

How do I find the time to blog and engage readers? The honest truth? I don’t really have a social life, I guess. A close friend told me this quite bluntly before. As I retire from active employment, I have more time on my hands and I am making an effort to spend more time with friends and family. Of course, I appreciate having more “me” time. ;)

Anyway, I hope to share your email in my blog because it shows what anyone who is willing to make an effort can do to improve their financial well-being and to ensure financial security for themselves and their families in future. I will leave out your name in such an instance. Your story will inspire many more to take affirmative action. :)

Good job!

Best wishes,

AK is a Singaporean stock market investor and a popular blogger. His blog was created with the intention of educating investors and sharing his investing journey with the target of having a more secure financial future in an uncertain world by creating a stream of reliable passive income with high yields.

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