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Greenshoe Opinion
Former shoe salesman turned investment banker.

Mr Greenshoe waxes lyrical on equity markets and further confusticates the already bizarre property scene. He’s sufficiently arrogant enough to think his opinions matter in this labyrinth of opinions and bullshit.

Easily recognizable along the streets of Raffles Place – a well groomed gentleman, with dark coiffed hair, solemn brows offset by a boyish grin and soulful eyes deep in thought.

Fret not, you just might be able to get your hands on him here.

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Albeit valued by the market at a mere US$25 million, don’t write this small guy off.

  • 25 February 2015
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    Is Bigger Better? Temasek’s Value Creation Attempts

    Is bigger always better? The mega merger between Cityspring Infrastructure Trust and Keppel Infrastructure might seem like a good idea on the onset, but seriously, are we looking at the synergies correctly?

  • 05 January 2015
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